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Spine Imaging and Image Analysis

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Editors: Shuo Li and Jack Yao
Section Editors: Tobias Klinder and Aly A. Farag


Clinical Imaging and Applications
1. Imaging of the Spine: A Medical and Physical Perspective: Joseph Burns, (UC Irvine)
2. Arthritis of the Spine: Michael Ward, Runsheng Wang (NIH)
3. Osteoporosis: Thomas Baum, (Technische Universität München)

Image Processing
4. Computer aided detection of bone metastases in the thoracolumbar spine: Jianhua Yao, (NIH)
5. Quantitative Monitoring of Bone Formation in Ankylosing Spondylitis Using Computed Tomography: Sovira Tan, (NIH)
6. Three-dimensional Spine Reconstruction from Radiographs:
Samuel Kadoury, (Polytechnique Montréal)
7. Vertebral Column Localization, Segmentation, and Labeling:
Vipin Chaudhary (University at Buffalo)
8. Automated Determination of the Spine-Based Coordinate System for an Efficient Cross-Sectional Visualization of 3D Spine Images: Tomaz Vrtovec, (University of Ljubljana)
9. Cross-Modality Vertebrae Localization and Labeling using Learning-Based Approaches: Yiqiang Zhan, Bing Jian, Maneesh Dewan,Xiang Sean Zhou (Siemens)
10. Articulated Statistical Shape Models of the Spine: Jonathan Boisvert, (Polytechnique Montréal)
11. Reconstruction of 3D Vertebral Model from A Single 2D Lateral Fluroscopic Image: Guoyan Zheng, Lutz-Peter Nolte (Universität Bern)
12. Graphical Model-based Vertebral Identification from X-ray Images: Guoyan Zheng, Xiao Dong (Universität Bern
13. Model-Based Segmentation, Reconstruction and Analysis of the Vertebral Body from Spinal CT: Ahmed Shalaby (University of Manitoba), Aly Farag (University of Louisville)

Image Guided Spine Intervention
14. Toward Virtual Modeling and Templating for Enhanced Spine Surgery Planning: Cristian Linte, David Holmes (Mayo Medical School)
15. Tracked Ultrasound in Navigated Spine Interventions: Tamas Ungi, Andras Lasso, Gabor Fitchinger (Queen's University)
16. Robotic Assistance and Intervention in Spine Surgery: Rajesh Kumar (John Hopkins University)

The book will be published in the series Lecture Notes in Computational Vision and Biomechanics.

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