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Welcome to SpineWeb!

SpineWeb is an online collaborative platform for everyone interested in research on spinal imaging and image analysis. The aim of SpineWeb is to facilitate the advance of spine focused clinical research. To this end, SpineWeb collects, hosts and provides useful information and resources and makes those publicly available.

SpineWeb is open to everyone and researchers are invited to contribute resources, organize events, and actively participate in the development and extension of this platform.


  • 08/01/14: MICCAI spine workshop program is available. http://csi-workshop.weebly.com/program.html
  • 07/07/14: Intervertebral disc localization and segmentation multi-modality MRI spine image database added
  • 26/06/14: Lumbar vertebra segmentation CT image database added
  • 10/06/14: CVIP Spinal CT database has been added
  • 05/06/14: Spine Imaging and Image Analysis Table of Contents has been updated
  • 17/04/14: Additional 10 data sets added to Dataset 1. Number of sets now at 30.
  • 30/01/14: 2nd MICCAI Spine Workshop and Challenge: Call for Participation

The SpineWeb initiative is supported by the following institutions:

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