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Welcome to SpineWeb!

SpineWeb is an online collaborative platform for everyone interested in research on spinal imaging and image analysis. The aim of SpineWeb is to facilitate the advance of spine focused clinical research. To this end, SpineWeb collects, hosts and provides useful information and resources and makes those publicly available.

SpineWeb is open to everyone and researchers are invited to contribute resources, organize events, and actively participate in the development and extension of this platform.


  • 13/05/16: CSI 2016 submission port update
  • 09/05/16: CSI 2016 announces deadline for submission: June 16
  • 31/03/16: CSI 2016 Workshop & Challenge proposals accepted
  • 11/01/16: Dataset 15 released
  • 11/01/16: Dataset 14 released
  • 08/01/16: Literature 8: A Multi-center Milestone Study of Clinical Vertebral CT Segmentation released
  • 08/01/16: Dataset 13 released
  • 30/06/15: Dataset 12 released
  • 18/04/15: Dataset 11 released
  • 05/04/15: Dataset 10 released
  • 13/02/15: Spine MICCAI 2015 workshop and challenge call for participation! Click here for more information
  • 29/01/15: Dataset 5,8 descriptions updated
  • 20/01/15: Dataset 9 released
  • 06/01/15: "Intervertebral Disc Localization and Segmentation – 3D T2-weighted Turbo Spin Echo MR image Database" dataset added
  • 23/10/14: "Spine Imaging and Image Analysis" book published. Available here
  • 02/10/14: Photo of participants at the CSI 2014 workshop can be found here

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  • 02/10/14:The keynote presentation given at the workshop can be found here

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